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twofatladiesGlasgow has food from every other country on earth, from Istanbul to Australia the amount of variation in flavour and style of preparation can keep your palette juiced up for a life time. Whether you’re looking for a fine gourmet meal with the best of wine and service, or something battered and fried at 4 o’clock in the morning you can find it here. From the ridiculously lavish to the questionably cheap, Glasgow food outlets will be able to satisfy your hunger no matter what time you’re out. The majority of the restaurants and cafes are in the city centre, but some of the best aren’t always that easy to find. Looks can be very deceiving, many of the places best loved by Glasgow’s residents don’t always look the part, but the owners have a passion for their food and respect for their customers that makes you feel like you just have to go back for more. By far the majority of places to eat in Glasgow are fine establishments. One thing is for sure, whether it’s cheap or the expensive you’re looking for, you will find something to satisfy your hunger.

Two Fat Ladies

twofatladiesThere are a few restaurants carrying this name, all part of the same group, and all providing fine dining. The restaurants are situated on Blythswood Street, Dumbarton Road and two on Argyll Street, each one specialising in different food and décor. At Blythswood Street the restaurant is small giving a very intimate atmosphere similar to its sister The Two Fat Ladies on Dumbarton Road, both offer a seductive menu of meat and fish dishes that will lavish your taste buds. The Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery (Argyll Street) is one of Glasgow’s oldest and most enduring restaurants. The interior is stunning with its oak panelling, stained glass and marble bar. Combined with the latest addition to the group The Shannon Bells, this group of restaurants should certainly be of your list of things to do providing you’re not looking for a meal on the cheap.

Cafe Gandolfi

twofatladiesThis café has a unique charm of its own, every day they receive fresh food deliveries and prepare them inside for exquisite meals. Staff are well trained and very friendly, always going the extra bit to make sure you are enjoying your time there. From early morning until night you can expect delicious meals appropriate for the time of day. There aren’t many cheap options at the Café Gandolfi, but you will definitely get what you pay for and you will want to return for more.

Mr Singh’s

twofatladiesThis is one of Glasgow’s most prestigious restaurants, visited by world leaders and sport stars makes Mr Singh’s very special and definitely not cheap. Having been run by three generations of the Singh family for the past 15 years and won many awards over the years it deserves it’s reputation for fantastic cuisine and atmosphere. The staff are kilted and the menu includes a combination of traditional Scottish and authentic Indian meals such as haggis, neaps n tatties samosa or haggis chasni, or a haggis nan. Even mince and tatties curry! Mr Singh prides himself on catering for all discerning pallets and welcomes the challenge of satisfying all of his customer’s desires.

Alla Turca Restaurant

twofatladiesIt is clear that Alla Turca is a place you will never forget. Tucked away in the city centre the award winning Turkish restaurant, grill and mezze bar invites all the inhabitants of Glasgow for a taste of Turkey. Every detail has been taken care of, the food is Turkish cuisine at its best away from home, and the décor and music are complimentary on the senses. Enchanting in house music from Armagan Alakus combined with the food takes you on fascinating journey to the height of authentic Turkish flavour. Prices range from the cheap to highly priced, but this will certainly a night you remember with pleasure.