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Glasgow has a wide assortment of cinemas spread across the city, ranging from cheap to the expensive and from small to huge. One of the most special cinemas is just five minutes from the Georgian Guest House on Ashton Lane called the Grosvenor, evoking a slightly more old fashioned approach to cinema viewing, the Grosvenor allows its visitors to bring their beers or wines with them to watch a movie, and until the ban, also allowed smoking.

cineworld GlasgowCineworld

The entertainment giant, Cineworld, has bought over the old UGC cinema and turned it into the state-of-the-art digital projection facility. The cinema offers the usual assortment of popcorn and fizzy juices in a setting of ultra hi tech cinema technology.

Glasgow Film Theatre - GFT

Glasgow Film TheatreConsidering themselves leaders in the discovery of film and moving image, they invite audiences of all ages and backgrounds to come and learn about film. Offering year-round screening programmes of world cinema classics and contemporary house movies, and learning schemes are aimed to teach and nurture an understanding of the moving image. Glasgow’s Film Festival event is one of the fastest growing film events in the UK. The Glasgow Youth Film Festival features outstanding and original international films and popular workshops aimed at families, school groups and young people in general. Cinema City also promotes Glasgow’s rich cinema-going heritage, displaying films made in and related to the city. All in are goods activities if you’re looking for something more than just the standard trip to watch a movie, you can actually learn something about film and movies for a relatively cheap price.


Imax Glasgow“See more, hear more, feel more” is the ethos behind Imax. Their 5-a-side football pitch sized screen will pull you into the movie like nothing else. Their 14,000 watt 6.1 surround sound system will wrap up your audio and visuals senses transporting you into the movie, making you feel like you’re actually there watching the action right up close – just mind those explosions!

Grosvenor Ashton Lane - Glasgow West EndGrosvenor (Ashton Lane)

Priding itself on offering something different from the usual cinema experience, the Grosvenor invites you enjoy film the way it should be – with a nice cold beer. Instead of providing you with what has become the standard in cinema, overpriced popcorn and fizzy juice, the Grosvenor takes a step back and tries to accommodate the film viewer in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Only five minutes’ walk from the Georgian Guest House its definitely worth a look.